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Bryan the Circus Knight

Mixing whimsy with bloodlust, beauty with brutality, grace with destruction, Bryan the Circus Knight is a living dichotomy of worlds bound by the common desire to perform. His quest: to shatter preconceptions of circus. As a youth, Bryan’s first experience performing was juggling on the streets of Boulder, Colorado and has since honed his street show and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Performance from Colorado State University. While in school, Bryan joined “Motion Picture Stunts and Tactical” where he became versed in high falls, acrobatics and stage combat. After graduation, Bryan performed in several circus shows, including the role of Drosselmeyer in MOTH Circus’s production of “The Nutcracker,” as well as five productions with the Phantom Circus show. When he’s not training or performing circus, he also does fight choreography, stunts, and jousting with the Knights of the Tempest, and won second place in the Light Armor Joust two years running at the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival, the largest international jousting competition in the United States. His fondest wish is to gradually merge his two worlds into one whole full-spectrum performance experience of both circus and combat.

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